As part of our desire for excellence, KCC voluntarily pursues accountability from rigorous partners who help us to continually improve our programs. Holding an accredited status means that KCC stands within the strongest of academic traditions. Every five years, we willingly open ourselves to outside, objective academic auditors who then certifying that our school is tested and secure in all areas - from academics and leadership to community and family support. Additionally, our accreditation ensures that all colleges and universities across the country will accept our transcripts as valid for students seeking admittance.

Our accreditations and certifications are as follows:

KCC is accredited by the North Central Region of AdvancED, the largest regionally based accrediting body in the country.

We are also affiliate members of CESA (Council on Educational Standards and Accountability). This affiliation ensures that we continue to strive for academic excellence, allowing our graduates to enter all levels of further academic and vocational training.

In addition to our organizational affiliations, all of our teachers possess, at a minimum, State and/or ACSI certification, while also participating in an ongoing, internally driven program for faculty development.

Out of our desire to ensure appropriate fiscal stewardship, KCC is also an accredited member of ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). Audit information and financial records remain on file for school community review in the school office.