KCC Board

At KCC, our parents are the overall governing body of the school. This unique group called the Association is open to any interested parent in our school who would like to invest time in helping us pursue excellence in our mission. The Association holds the important responsibility for electing our school board, approving budgets, changes to bylaws, and other related aspects of school business through two business meetings each year.

The school board members, upon being elected by the Association, serve for a period of three years and provide direct oversight for the Head of School, who is then tasked with managing our academic and student life systems.

As you consider enrolling or explore deeper ways to invest if you are already part of the KCC community, we would encourage you to actively participate in the Association! We value your insight into the opportunities and challenges we experience as a school.

For further information about how to get involved, please contact Executive Assistant to the Head of School, Madison Stewart.

Meet the Board

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Brent Vander Ark, Chairman

Brent works for CenturyLink and is Vice President, Supply Chain Management. Brent is married to Betty and they have three children currently at KCC, Jackson a senior, Owen a 9th grader and James a 6th grader. Their oldest son, William, graduated from KCC in 2015. They attend Colonial Presbyterian Church. Brent is passionate about Christian education. Training up Christian leaders to influence His kingdom is important and inspiring work. Every member of the Vander Ark family has been blessed by participating in the KCC community.


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Brendon Jenks

Brendon and his wife, Cate, have three children at KCC. Victoria and Rawson are in middle school and Rebekah is in elementary. Brendon works as an investor coach and is self employed. He educates and coaches individulal investors to undertand if they, or a current advisor, is gambling or speculating with their investments. Brendon is serving on the board so he can serve others. KCC is a place that reinforces three truths for his children, 1) They are a child of God and He loves them more than their parents, 2) God's given them talents, and 3) God wants them to use those talents for His purposes. Serving on the board provides Brendon an opportunity to see that these three truths positively impact KCC students and the world around us. His family attends Christ Community Church, Brookside Campus. He says that God's plan is always better than his own and following Him is a lifelong challenge.

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Spencer Kerley

Spencer Kerley has the privilege to be married to Beckie for the past 32 years. They have been blessed with five children. Their youngest son Luke is a senior at KCC and their sons Joseph and Ben are both recent graduates. Their daughter Rachel and son Daniel both live and work in San Francisco. Spencer is a physician practicing at St. Joseph medical center and Physicians Reference laboratory. Spencer and Beckie attend church at Cambridge Anglican and are deeply committed discipleship ministry. Beckie and Spencer feel strongly that KCC is in a unique position to positively influence students and families by providing an excellent holistic academic and extracurricular, Christ centered education. Serving as a part of the school board allows Spencer the chance to support and serve this very important mission.

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Aimee Minnich, Secretary

Aimee and her husband, Marshall, live in Prairie Village and have three children. They attend Christ Community Church. Their oldest, Andersen, in an elementary student at KCC. She currently serves as Co-Founder and General Council of Impact Investing Foundation. She is a member of the bar in Kansas and Missouri, and is a published author. One of Aimee's passions is running so she's always training for the next race.

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Brent Morris

After a 13 year career at Hallmark Cards, Brent founded and now leads a ministry called set apart, where he uses art and creativity to teach people about their personal identity and holy purpose in Jesus Christ, and encourages them to not just believe it, but to be living it! Brent is married to Kristin, and they work together in ministry. They have 2 children at KCC: Izabella in 8th grade and Isaiah in 5th grade. They attend Christ Community Church. KCC has been a great experience for his entire family, and he considers it a blessing to be able to give back to the KCC community by serving on the board.


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Fred Olson

Fred and his wife Cynthia have one child at KCC, and another who graduated in 2011. Marc Trujillo is in 10th grade. His sister Allyson attended KCC her final two years of high school. Their oldest daughter, Ashley, and her husband Seth, serve on staff with LinkYear with Kanakuk Ministries, and have a baby daughter, Haddie. Fred has served 25 years in Financial Administration with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Our family is grateful for the opportunity to have our two youngest children educated at KCC. Fred counts it a privilege to serve on the KCC Board.



Susan Price

Susan and her husband, Ben, have two children at KCC, Olivia is a junior and Ian is in 8th grade. She works at McLain's Market as the general manager. KCC is a great partner in helping them raise their children scholastically as well as spiritually. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to serve on the board and be a voice for the community. Susan's passions are her family and helping others succeed. Opportunities to use her gifts and talents are what drives her and help her to be more thankful to God. Susan and family attend Hillcrest Covenant Church.

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Matt Streeter, Vice Chairman

Matt and his wife, Amy, have two boys at KCC. Luke graduated in 2015 and Nate is a senior. Matt feels blessed to be part of the KCC Board and the opportunity to serve alongside an outstanding group with a wide range of talents blended together in support of KCC. Serving on the Board builds a deep appreciation of our Staff and Teachers and all it takes to run our school. Matt is a National Account Manager with VMWare. His family has attended Jacobs Well for 11 years. Matt and Amy have been married for 23 years and they cherish the time with their boys and their always active lives. They feel very fortunate to be part of the KCC family.

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Brenda Tally

Brenda and Brad have one child currently at KCC, Noah in 11th grade. Their two daughters, Claire and Elizabeth, graduated from KCC in 2011 & 2013. Being a part of the school community for the past 8 years, Brenda has seen all the great things that have been accomplished by many families and their service. She is grateful to take a turn and serve in a ministry that is walking alongside the next generation, and their families, as they prepare to find their place in a world waiting for them. Brenda is a wife, mother, writer and a graduate student, as she is currently studying Marriage and Family Therapy. Her family has been members of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection for the past 17 years. As a family of 5, and recently 6 with the addition of a son-in-law, they enjoy experiencing life through our faith, friends, family, outdoor hobbies, old Volvos, really long board games, Lake Michigan, serving the Urban Initiative at KCC, and attending any sporting events they can cheer "Go KCC!".


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Ty Tywater, Treasurer

Ty and Karen have three boys at KCC, Caleb (10th), Josh (8th) and Gabe (6th). Board service is a way to use the gifts that God had given me to be part of helping prepare the kids entrusted to our school for life beyond these walls focused on our pillars of faith, character and knowledge and ultimately leading impactful lives. Ty has 22 years of experience in a CPA capacity mixed between public accounting and industry. He is currently the Vice President-Audit Services at Seaboard Corporation. As a husband and father of three, of course much time is dedicated to family and the many activities that revolve around life including coaching several of his boys' sports teams over the past few years. Outside of family activities Ty has a passion to stay physically fit and does that these days mainly through training and competing in triathlons and various other endurance events. Also, being an alumnus of the University of Texas, he is pretty much a rabid fan of anything related. Ty and family attend Christ Church Anglican.


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Dan Vander Ark

Dan and his wife, Judy, are grandparents to three grandsons who currently attend KCC. Dan is serving on the board because he wants to share his experience to help shape KCC. Previously, he taught in a Christian school, was a principal. He also served at the Director of CSI (Christian Schools International) for 9 years. He is currently working part-time in retirement at NorthPointe Christian Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan as an instructional coach. Dan and Judy have four children, who all attended Christian schools, and have 14 grandchildren. He enjoys reading, running and writing. Dan and Judy are members of Christ Church (PCA).