Our Mission

The mission of Kansas City Christian School is to assist Christian families in training their children (a) to exemplify an integrated and unified Biblical worldview; (b) to demonstrate Christ-like attitude, character, and wisdom; and (c) to possess academic, vocational and life skills to transform the culture in which they live.

Our Vision

Kansas City Christian School is a Christ-centered community where faith is exercised to maturity; where students rigorously pursue knowledge; and where Godly character is honored.

Our Core Values


We desire to promote meaningful, Christ-like character in the lives of our students.  As KCC students embrace an inner life of biblical values and morals they will express Christlikeness in the way they behave towards one another, those in authority and those outside our community.  We seek to support the development of this value through both instruction and incremental and age appropriate opportunities to exercise these characteristics.


As people living in the “already and not yet” Kingdom of God, we seek to promote the pursuit of an intentionally honest, authentically meaningful life with Jesus.  Our faith is expressed in our reliance on God, in our exploration of the truth of God – even in our questions, and in our pursuit of holy living.


This value for exploring the truth of God and His world causes us to strive to promote the highest levels of achievement at all grade levels, to encourage challenging questions, and to engage our culture in an age appropriate and culturally relevant way.  We promote academic rigor in our educational program to develop minds that move from facts, to application, to synthesis.  The development of knowledge is done in a biblical framework with the goal of developing life-long learners who are lovers of Jesus.


Community at KCC is formed around the shared goals of excellent academics and deeply held faith in Jesus Christ.   Through our community, both parents and students develop meaningful relationships that provide friendship, mentoring and support that make real life impact.  Having common values and goals with a group of likeminded parents creates a safe place for our students to grow and develop over the course of their 12 years at KCC.  As a result, we seek to promote and support solid friendships and growth opportunities for students to explore their lives and their faith through lively, deeply enjoyable events that support our mission.


As beings who bear the image of our creator, we are called to an ongoing pursuit of the redemption of the entire world.  As a result, we seek to promote high value and effectiveness in all of our systems, honesty in our interactions, and to be intentional in our decisions.  Perfection is not a valid expression of the Christian pursuit.  Instead, we seek holistic quality throughout our school.