Welcome from Head of School

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Kansas City Christian School! We are an intentional Christian learning community whose faith is passionate and the Spirit is alive among us. Together, we lovingly support and hold each other accountable to the following core values of an excellent Christian education:
Our community values a Biblical worldview and we see all of life through the lens of Scriptural truth. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God over every aspect of creation and this certainly includes the educational process. Our teaching staff works very hard to ensure that students experience a biblically- infused curriculum that is both God glorifying, and integrates a Kingdom-building perspective into each unit of instruction.
We value high academic standards for our students, cultivating each child’s potential capacity as an image- bearer of God. We value proactive innovation, carefully assessing the need for change and seeking new methods to improve education when appropriate. Our strong instructional practices and programs support the mastery of essential academic standards for all students, and develop the whole person. We believe that each child is a unique workmanship of God Himself. Therefore, we passionately develop the wholeness of each child’s character, academic progress, effort, physical abilities and artistic expression.
We value outstanding, passionate and faith filled teachers, who meet the highest professional standards and are thriving both personally and professionally. In a Christian learning community where each student is able to thrive, nothing matters more than the work of our dedicated faculty and staff. It is through their work and passion for preparing our students to be effective servants of Christ that Kansas City Christian achieves its mission.
It is within the context of these values that we are excited to offer an outstanding Christian education to the Kansas City community. We welcome you and look forward to meeting you.
Todd Zylstra
Head of School
Kansas City Christian School