Academics at KCC

Like most schools, we have a strong philosophy of education. Ours is rooted in a desire to provide an appropriately challenging college preparatory education for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview. We believe that our core beliefs about God and life should lead us to shared values for stewarding God’s world well. Our calling as Christians to participate in God’s plan for redemption is what drives our teachers and shapes our curriculum, through a belief that all truth is God’s truth. This value for exploring the truth of God and His world causes us to strive to promote the highest levels of achievement at all grade levels, to encourage challenging questions from our students, and not to shy away from engaging culture in an age appropriate and culturally relevant way. Our students experience from an early age what it means to love the learning process.

This holistic value for academic excellence manifests itself in practical ways that are easy to see with a quick look at our test scores, our parent satisfaction scores, and the list of highly regarded schools our graduates consistently attend.

We welcome you to explore our Lower School (grades K-6) and Upper School (grades 7-12) academic programs. If you would like to set-up a tour to learn more about KCC, please fill out the inquiry form at your convenience.