CESA  (Council on Educational Standards and Accountability)
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The mission of Kansas City Christian School is to assist Christian families in training their children to exemplify an integrated and unified Biblical worldview; to demonstrate Christ-like attitude, character and wisdom; and to possess academic, vocational, and life skills to transform the culture in which they live.


What is your statement of faith?
Kansas City Christian is committed to educating and training students in a manner that conforms to the Word of God. We are a community of diverse church and denominational families, and we desire to minister to as many students and families as possible. Accordingly, KCC desires to be as inclusive as possible within the bounds of Scriptural truth. To see our full statement of faith go to: KCC's Statement of Faith

Does KCC have spiritual criteria for acceptance?
Yes, we require at least one parent have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and trust Him only for their eternal salvation. We also require our families to be actively involved in a Bible-teaching church on a weekly basis.


Are KCC teachers certified?
All of our teachers are required to be either state or ACSI certified. 42% of our teachers hold a Bachelor’s degree, 16% of our teachers hold a Bachelor’s and are working towards a Master’s degree and 42% of our teachers have both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

What curriculum do you use?
The curriculum is distinctly college preparatory and includes Advanced Placement courses (AP)/dual-credit and honors level classes. We currently offer the following AP/dual-credit classes: AP Biology, AP Government and Politics, AP Calculus AB, AP English Literature and Composition, and College Algebra. Our current honors classes are: Anatomy, Chemistry II, Physics, Trig/Pre-Calculus and Spanish IV. KCC uses a combination of secular and Christian curriculum. When secular textbooks are used KCC teachers are expected to integrate a Christian worldview with additional supplementary materials.

What type of technology does KCC expect students to use?
KCC offers the following computer courses: Computer Applications, Computer Programming, Web Design, Journalism, and Yearbook. KCC expects all students to be able to use a variety of computer programs (database, desktop publishing, graphic design, spreadsheet, web, and word processing) and have solid Internet knowledge and skills. When it is necessary for all students in a class to have a computer at their desk, a mobile computer lab—which contains 24 Netbooks—may be requested by staff for student use.

What specials do you offer in elementary and middle school?
In addition to the core courses of Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading, and Bible students will take art, music, PE, computer (3rd – 8th) and Library. Beginning in 6th grade (MS) students may take band as well as other enrichment options depending on staffing and interest.

What extracurricular activities are available?
KCC is a member of the Kansas State High School Activities Association and the Crossroads Sports League.

Student Council, National Honor Society, Scholars Bowl, Student Leadership Institute (SLi), Robotics Drama, Choral and Instrumental Groups, Debate, and Forensics. 

Sports: Girls: Tennis, Cross-Country, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Soccer, and Track. Boys: Soccer, Cross-Country, Basketball, Bowling, Baseball, Track, Tennis, and Golf.

What is the homework policy?
The homework level is at the teacher’s discretion. The administration encourages the teachers to remember that each middle school and high school student has seven classes.

What is the start and end time of the school day?
Elementary 8:10-3:15     
MS/HS 8:00-3:00  

To see a MS/HS bell schedule go to our School Hours & Bell Schedule page.

How many students attend KCC? 450 (K-12)
Grades K- 5  163 students
Grades 6-8 127 students
Grades 9 – 12  153 students

What is the average class?
Student/Teacher ratio: 11/1

Do you have chapel?
Yes, chapel is held once a week on Mondays. The chapels are divided K-3, 4-6th and 7-12th. Each chapel begins with a worship time followed by a teaching time or program. The elementary worship is teacher led, the middle school and high school worship is student led. The programs are designed to be age appropriate.

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination?
No, we are non-denominational and have over 100 churches represented at KCC.


What is the diversity of your school?
Caucasian – 76%  Hispanic – 2%  American Indian – 1%  Other – 9%   Asian – 2 % African American – 8%  Multi-Racial – 2%

What discipline or behavior program do you have in place?
Behavior and discipline begins in the classroom with a teacher generated policy based on guidelines established by the administrative team. If further discipline is necessary, the student is referred to the Administration who then evaluates the situation to determine the consequence.

Do you encourage parent involvement or have a parent organization?
KCC encourages, and relies on, parent involvement and provides numerous opportunities. The elementary classrooms each have room moms who coordinate the volunteer opportunities with parents. Additionally, there are several opportunities through the extra-curricular activities, annual auction, and spring art event.

How do you communicate with families?
KCC uses the RenWeb system, which is accessible through the KCC website. The system provides 24/7 access to our calendar, student’s attendance, discipline, homework assignments and student’s progress. This system is used for providing report cards and course requests for the following year.

KCC also sends out a weekly all school newsletter electronically, and a quarterly News from KCC via mail. Elementary teachers generate a weekly classroom newsletter, the middle school and high school also generate divisional newsletters on a monthly basis.

Do you have uniforms?
No, we have dress code guidelines that students follow. As in every area of our lives, clothing and the way we wear it should represent our desire to please God and honor Him. The dress code is set forth in the interest of modesty as well as our desire to provide ease of interpretation, compliance, and enforcement. You can view the dress guidelines at: KCC's Dress Code.


What are the tuition rates at KCC?
Tuition rates vary according to the grade level of your child. You can view the full tuition chart on our website at: KCC's Tuition & Fees.

What are the payment options for tuition payment?
KCC offers several different payment plans that the family may choose from during the final enrollment process. Families may choose to make their payments monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly, in two payments or pay in full at the time of enrollment. All payments are automatically deducted from your bank account or by credit card. The tuition payment information can be found at: Enroll/Reenroll.

Do you offer discounts for multiple children?
Yes, we offer a discount for the second, third and fourth children. Additional children will be calculated at the fourth child rate. Please contact Admissions regarding the discounts offered.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes, a limited amount of financial assistance is available to qualified families. KCC uses FACTS to process financial aid applications. Based on the financial information you provide in the Parents’ Financial Statement, FACTS gives us an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. This estimate is a starting point to help the finance committee make fair and objective financial aid decisions. Financial assistance is awarded once a family has enrolled their student(s). You will find more information on financial assistance on our website at: KCC's Financial Assistance

Do you offfer discounts for Pastors?
Yes, we offer a 25% discount for full-time pastors of churches in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Are my donations tax deductible?
Yes, KCC is a 501(c) (3) organization. Please contact your tax consultant for specific answers to tax related questions.


Do you offer a before and after school program?
KCC offers supervised care beginning at 7:45 each morning. The after school program is offered for an additional cost at the Prairie Village Campus until 5:30 PM each day for students in grades K-5. The rates for the after school program is on our After School Care (K-5) page.

Do you have a bus system?
KCC offers a bus, at an additional cost, between the south campus at 133rd and Nall and the Prairie Village campus located at 79th and Roe. The bus begins at the south campus in the morning and brings students to the Prairie Village campus. In the afternoon students will ride the bus from the Prairie Village campus to the south campus. For students in the half-day kindergarten program, there is not a mid-day bus option to the south campus. KCC bus rates