International Students

Studying abroad and be an incredibly shaping experience, both for the students who come to our community from other countries and for those who are already part of KCC. Because we believe that the Church is truly universal, we value the opportunity to learn from the cultural and life experiences of those from other countries, and we welcome well qualified students to join us during the 7th – 12th grade years. Students who participate in our programs have the opportunity to live with a host family with our school, participate in athletic and other extra-curricular programs, while pursuing our mutual Christian faith through appropriately challenging academics and spiritual life programs. If you are interested joining the KCC student body for a year or more, please review our requirements below.

International Student Program Requirements
  • Same base admission standards as domestic students, plus…
  • TOEFL Test (75% percentile score preferred)
  • Only students in grades 7-12 considered
  • Skype interview
  • Must come through an approved agency (Currently approved – Adams Int’l, AHLI, but willing to consider others)

Please direct any questions to our Admissions office at 913-648-5227 or by email at