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Senior Athletes

Attention Senior Athletes, if you plan to attend a Division 1 or Division 2 college or university, you need to visit the Clearinghouse website at

Selective Service

REGISTRATION - registering fro the Selective Serice System is mandatory for all men turning 18. Plus, registration keeps you eligible for government jobs, job training, and college loans. Go to, go to the Post Office, or come to the Counseling Office.

This has been taken from the FAQ's on the Selective Service Website: What happens if there is a draft? There hasn't been a draft since 1973. If there were an emergency sufficient for Congress to order another draft, Selective Service would conduct a birthdate lottery to decide the order in which to call men. Those who turn 20 during the calendar year would be called first in a sequence determined by the lottery. If more men were needed, those 21 to 25 would be called, youngest first.