Giving at KCC

Unlike a public institution or a school connected to a specific church or denomination, Kansas City Christian thrives as the result of the gracious gifts given by our families and friends of the school. Each year, we are blessed with financial giving that accounts for 12% of our overall budget, making up the gap that exists between the tuition we receive and the goals that we have for our academic and social platforms as we strive toward our mission of partnering with Christian families in training their children in a Christian worldview that allows them to transform the culture in which they live.

We greatly appreciate individual gifts of any amount from those who would like to join us in our vision for our students. A variety of gifting options are available to anyone who is interested including one time or occasional gifting by cash, check, or credit card, securities (stocks, bonds, or mutual funds), or legacy gifts for those interested in larger gift amounts.

Additionally, our community of dedicated parents provides a series of unique, school wide events designed to promote relationships while benefiting the school each year. We would invite you join us for one of these opportunities or to contact our Head of School if you would like to discuss a specific gift.