Statement and Policies

Mission Trip Gift Receipt Policies

Kansas City Christian accepts charitable contributions supporting mission and service incentives. The Senior Class Missions Trip destination is selected by the class and approved by administration.

KCC serves as the fund administrator for the mission trip program funds.

All checks will be payable to Kansas City Christian School. Memo designations are acceptable as long as noted for Mission Trip, not to specific students.

KCC does not participate in multiple fundraiser efforts other than the school’s annual fall auction and spring event as well as specific junior and senior class mission trip fundraisers.


Restricted & Unrestricted Charitable Gift Policies 

1.  Standard Statement and Reference. The following statement will be used on all relevant Kansas City Christian Donations and Fundraising Materials with the reference being to the policies that follow herein: Our Federal Tax ID#: 48-0623381 Kansas City Christian School has been granted not-for-profit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code and is a member of ECFA.

2.  Qualified Charity. Kansas City Christian School is non-profit and has been determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax-exempt as a 501(c)(3) organization. We are also a member in good standing of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), which requires its members to adhere to important standards of financial accountability.

3.  Donations Irrevocable When Made. Tax deductible contributions must be irrevocable; therefore, all donations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

4.  Unrestricted and Restricted Donations. KCC gratefully accepts contributions to support our overall ministry and also recognizes the desire by some donors for KCC to restrict the use of their donations to specified purposes, such as senior mission trips, staff support, athletic department support, scholarships, or other important causes. Restricted donations are used to support the purpose for which they were originally intended until that purpose has been satisfied, after which any excess funds are used for other purposes determined by KCC.

5.  Applicability of Donor Restrictions. Unless donor restrictions are specified, donations will be considered available to unrestricted fund of KCC. When a donor explicitly states an intention to restrict donations to a specific purpose, KCC uses all reasonable efforts to follow the donor’s intent. However, a donation restricted only for the personal benefit of, or use by, an individual would not be tax deductible and therefore such restriction cannot be accepted. Instead, donors may express a preference that the donation be used toward a particular purpose, and thereby support a particular fund and or department. If donors’ written requests for restricted purposes or preferences appear to be impractically precise or inconsistent with KCC’s mission, KCC may decide that it should not accept such donations, although it is expected that such situations will be rare.

6.  Reporting to Donors. Donors will receive acknowledgement confirming the amount and date of gift, as well as calendar year-end tax receipt documenting such gifts as deductible contributions for income tax purposes in the United States. Each donor is advised to consult your personal income tax advisor for the applicability of such contributions in your own circumstances.