Dress Code

We strive to build a dress code that allows for an appropriate balance of modesty, free expression, and personality all the while reducing unnecessary distractions. Unlike some schools, we do not have school uniforms, instead seeking to teach students life skills and decision making even in how they dress for class. Though no dress code is perfect, we work hard to provide meaningful guidance for our families as we all seek to approach daily life at the school.
Printable copy of Dress Code Guidelines

Dress Code Guidelines



  • Clothing appropriate for their learning environment. This includes pants, shorts, shirts, skirts, and dresses. No themed clothing such as cartoon character, etc.
  • Shoes - no sandals or flip-flops

Grades 1-12


  • Turtleneck shirts are allowed
  • Small brand names and logos are allowed no larger than 2 inches
  • Any Oxford style shirt
  • A solid crew-neck shirt must be worn underneath an unbuttoned Oxford
  • Polo shirts (with the exception of sleeveless) may be worn (not see-through fabric); All buttons except the top 2 must be buttoned
  • Hoods on shirts of any type are not allowed


  • Sweater vests, long sleeved crew-neck sweaters, cardigans, and v-neck sweaters are allowed
  • A collared or crew neck shirt must be worn under a v-neck, cardigan, or vest style sweater
  • Small brand names or logos are allowed, up to 2 inches



  • Dress pants and jeans are allowed. This would include the traditional 5-pocket jean/corduroy pant with outside pockets, however, holes, chains, etc. are not allowed
  • Girls may wear Capri pants
  • No white pants, Capri, or jeans in K-8
  • Proportioned to fit and stay at the waistline
  • No cut-offs, frayed ends or seams



  • Knee length or longer
  • Dress necklines must be at the collar bone or higher
  • Jumpers/sun dresses must be worn with a collared shirt
  • Skorts are allowed



  • Shorts (no white for K-8) may be worn
  • Shorts must cover a majority of the thigh
  • No athletic shorts are allowed except during PE



  • Elementary - Dress shoes, athletic court shoes (non-marking), and sandals with a strap on the back is required. No slippers
  • Middle School and High School - Some type of shoe must be worn at all times. Slippers or other types of "house wear" are not permitted
  • Administration reserves the right to make decisions regarding inappropriate or impractical footwear. No shoes with wheels are allowed


Outerwear (Coats/Jackets)

  • KCC or plain colored fleeces must have a crew-neck or collared shirt underneath
  • Coats and Jackets are not allowed in the classroom. Please dress appropriately for the weather



  • Extreme and overt hairstyles are not allowed
  • Hair color must be natural


  • Extreme and overt hairstyles are not allowed
  • Must be cut above the collar in the back and to the middle of the ear on the sides
  • Hair color must be natural
  • Sideburns may not be lower than the bottom of the ear
  • Facial hair is not allowed



  • K-8 - body piercings (other than ears) are not allowed. Tattoos are not permitted.
  • 9-12 - body piercings (other than for ears and a single small nose stud) are not allowed. Visible tattoos are not allowed.


  • K-8 - No body piercings or tattoos.
  • 9-12 - Body piercings (other than studs in ears) are not allowed. No visible tattoos.



  • Hats of any variety are not allowed