Social Events - Grades 9-12

Drawing from our value for fun, student led events, our class officers and student council representatives plan and organize at least four major social events a year. Though the locations and themes change on a regular basis, the experience our students gain in planning and orchestrating these evenings is both challenging and enjoyable for them all.

Winter Banquet – Winter Banquet is organized by the Student Council and involves dinner, banquet activities, and offers a relaxed atmosphere for students to dress up and enjoy the KCC community.

WPA (Women Pay All) – Led by the young women at KCC, WPA is an evening banquet for friends where, responsibilities are shifted, maturity is practiced, and relationships are valued.

Junior/Senior Banquet (JSB) – Held off site, JSB is our yearly formal event for our upper classmen. Students are encouraged to arrive in evening dress, enjoy a professionally served meal, and enjoy a more sophisticated evening, all the while gaining experience with interacting in a more formal setting.

Powder Puff and Old Spice – Each spring, as our students shrug off the winter blues, 9th - 12th grade students come together to compete in flag football, cheerleading, and other activities – with a twist.

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