Spiritual Life


Students from Pre-K – 12th Grade attend age appropriate community meetings each week to explore our faith and to worship together. Students in Elementary, Middle, and High School participate in music, hear from faculty, staff, and outside speakers, and participate in small and large group dialogue about how our faith relates to everyday life.

Though our entire school is geared toward an ongoing dialogue about these things in every venue, from the classroom to the fields, these times provide us with a significant point of connection for our entire community each week. This is part of what keeps us focused on our vision as we progress through the year.


HS Mentoring:
As a natural outworking of our mission to train students who demonstrate Christ-like attitude, character, and wisdom, all high school students participate in weekly mentoring groups. Some students will choose to participate in gender specific but multi-age weekly meetings with our faculty to discuss books, practice spiritual disciplines, and/or ask big questions about our faith. These groups are generated on demand prior to the start of an academic term and run all year.

Other high school students choose instead to apply for participation in our Middle School mentoring program or our chapter of the Student Leadership Institute. In all cases, these are unique and specific points of connection between our faculty, staff, and students as we seek to explore various ways that our faith intersects with everyday life.

Student Mentoring:
Driven by our desire to provide spiritual, social, and emotional support, each of our Middle School students participates in a twice monthly mentoring group with two junior and/or senior students from within our high school. These student mentors are carefully selected through a yearly application process and participate in a training program as they prepare and implement these groups.

This program has the dual goal of providing meaningful spiritual support for our middle schools students while also challenging and shaping the high school student participants. The experience for both groups is both exciting and rewarding!

These mentoring times are filled with games, food, and challenging conversation about faith and life! This program is sponsored by our Academic Dean and lead Middle School Administrator , in collaboration with members of our faculty.