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April Lunch Menu

May Lunch Menu

Dear Parents,

  1. In preparing your lunch order, make sure that your student looks over the attached menu along with you and selects the meals they will eat.

  2. Please make a copy of your menu and post on fridge for your reference.

  3. Remember that the “no frills” peanut butter and jelly sack lunches are available as a back up in case your student arrives at school without a lunch.

  4. Please be sure to fill forms out completely with student and teachers names, along with grade, your email address, telephone number, etc. One student per form please.

  5. Send your lunch order with payments to the school office.

  6. During the school year, an anticipated school cancellation may or may not occur due to unpredictable weather. Last minute preparations for hot lunches may require modification in the scheduled menu.

  7. Most lunch questions can be answered by Mrs. Spencer in the lunchroom.

  8. Please keep track of any absences and field trip days in which your student will not need a meal.

  9. For information regarding credits for past lunches not consumed, please email us at feedingthelambs1@yahoo.com. We will provide you with the value of your credits that can be subtracted from your next payment.

  10. Please return lunch order with payment to school office as soon as possible. While it is never too late to order, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in a rapid response. If you cannot get your form in quickly, please email your lunch order to us so we may have an accurate headcount for those first few days of the new month and have your student on the lunch list.

Following these steps will help to ensure that your student is provided the lunches required. If you have any questions about the program or your students’ lunches, please don't hesitate to email Lenore or Mike Brumet at hotlunchinfo@cs.com. If you need to make a last minute order or cancellation call 913-544-2140 the night before the meal.

Thank you.

Welcome to the new year!

Feeding the Lambs is again honored to be the lunch provider for your students. This will be our twelfth year serving Kansas City Christian School. That means we will see  past kindergarten students prepare for their high school graduation! It has been a pleasure to see them grow both academically and in knowledge of the Lord.
Last year we used an online service for both ordering and lunch room processing. After careful review, we decided to return to the system that has been used during the prior eleven years.  This was a close decision, since pros and cons are present in both systems.
Order forms are located on the school website and can be printed using your own computer. If you are not in a position to print forms, they will be available in the entry to the school on the document rack located to the left upon entry. 
One significant change is the separation of milk for the lunch program. Milk tickets can be ordered on the lunch form and will be kept in the lunchroom. We no longer will have a prepaid semester milk program.  When students line up for lunch, the tickets will be given to the student at that time. While we will send an email informing parents when a milk ticket is empty, this may take a few days so please encourage your student to remind you if their ticket is empty,  
An instruction sheet is also on the school website that gives additional information about the lunch program. Please give us a call if you have any additional questions.

Have a great school year!

Dr. Michael E. Brumet
Mrs. Lenore D. Brumet
Mrs. Vonda Spencer
Mrs. Kristen Harrison
​Mr.s Gail Eisenbarth

Mike's cellphone 913 787-6582