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Dear Parents,

  1. 1. Order forms are located on the school website approximately two weeks before the beginning of each month. If you do not have the ability to print the form, a few will be kept in the lunch room for pickup if needed.
    2. Most days, hot lunch, bagged lunch (consisting of WOW butter & jelly sandwich, chips, fruit and dessert) or salad bar are available. In order to facilitate the process, salad bar is not available on Monday or Friday.  If one of these alternative meals are desired, please check the appropriate box.
    3. Total the number of lunches and insert in the line on the bottom. Multiply the number of lunches by the cost of each lunch. This is the total due for the lunches during the upcoming month.
    4. Milk is charged by the carton and is purchased in units of five. Multiply the number of units by the cost and indicated the total on the line provided.
    5. Add the lunch cost and the milk cost and total on the line provided. Please write a check payable to "Feeding the Lambs" or pay cash. The check or cash can be placed in an envelope and dropped off at the school office.  Any checks improperly written will be returned along with the order form.
    6. Please respect the due date. Any forms turned in late may result in a student not receiving their hot lunch.
    7. If an emergency situation occurs where a student needs a lunch without being ordered, we will attempt to meet their needs. However, if payment is not received within three days, the student may not receive any lunch and the parents may be called during that day.
    8. Credits for any unused meals may be subtracted from the amount due. Credits will only be issued for the next month's order. Please monitor any unused credits since we may not be able to supply this information.
    9. In an emergency, meals can be purchased for $5 without preorder and  milk for $.50 per carton

    Mrs. Gail Eisenbarth
    (913) 226-9545

    Dr. Michael Brumet
    (913) 787-6582

    Mrs. Kristen Harrison
    leave message at (816) 536-5579